4 August, 2023

Tasty Links v1.0.1 – Autolink Keywords to Maximize Affiliate Revenue

Tasty Links v1.0.1 – Autolink Keywords to Maximize Affiliate Revenue

Automagically create links for specific keywords across your blog with just a few clicks.

  • Autolink keywords

    Automatically link keywords in all of your posts to whichever URLs you choose.

  • Maximize affiliate revenue

    Use affiliate URLs in your Tasty Links to populate affiliate links across your site to increase affiliate revenue.

  • Control where links show up

    Don’t want Tasty Links to show up in certain parts of your post content? No problem! Tasty Links gives you granular control over where links appear.

  • Link to awesome blog content

    Got a great page on your blog you talk about often? Create an autolink in Tasty Links to save time when typing up your content.

  • Nofollow and Sponsored Affiliate Links

    Comply with search engine recommendations by adding “nofollow” and “sponsored” attributes to links that you are compensated for.

  • Add disclosure text after links

    Optionally add a piece of disclosure text of your choosing after a Tasty Link. Turn it on for some and off for others – it’s up to you!

  • Easily Create a Featured Links Block

    If you’re using Tasty Links with the WordPress Gutenberg editor you can easily highlight your favorite affiliate or sponsored links in your post.

  • Tasty Recipes Integration

    When used with Tasty Recipes, you can easily add Tasty Links to your favorite affiliate or sponsored products from inside your recipe card!

  • Automatically Add Amazon Affiliate Images

    Just grab your Amazon image link, paste it in and we’ll pull the image into your new Tasty Link!

  • Active Development

    We love what Tasty Links has to offer, but we’re just getting going. We’ll make sure to stay up-to-date with new trends, add important new features, and continue to support you in your online business.


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